iNag2 is the encore to the award wining app used by thousands of network administrators around the world.

iNag2 is a iPhone application that allows you to view your Nagios monitored network from anywhere, iNag2 allows you to acknowledge host and services problems right from your phone. Daily event logs are also viewable using a fast and secure method that does not require you to open your Nagios installation to the world.

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iNag gives me access to all the Nagios functions I typically use. The tactical view allows you to drill down to the problem quickly. This app is a must-have for administrators using Nagios to monitor their networks. iNag didn’t work for me after installing the inag.php script on my ancient version of Nagios (v1.2). I left a message in the support forum saying I was having trouble. John replied and had an update script with support for Nagios v1.2 the next day. Installing the update was as simple as replacing the inag.php script. iNag is a great application with excellent support.

This is a great app for the money. I’m a small time network admin over about 20 servers. Uptime is critical. This app gives me a great way to check up on my Nagios system monitoring, without having to open Nagios to the public or be tied to VPN. The developer was also extremely helpful in getting things running just right (even when the issue was my own stupidity, dang selinux). Great app! Thanks John!!

I can view and ack problems from my iphone. Setup was easy, and so far it is working as advertised! Great App!

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iNag2 requires the following

  • Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad device.
  • inag.php script install on your server.
  • inagpush.pl for Push notification.
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iNag Support Files

This archive contains inag.php script the inagpush.pl script and documentation to set them up.

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